[pmwiki-users] Yahoo! Slurp is broken (was: pmwiki.org performance)

Robin Sheat robin at kallisti.net.nz
Thu Mar 16 16:23:37 CST 2006

On Friday 17 March 2006 03:01, Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> It just seems to me that Slurp is much more aggressive than it
> should be.
Yahoo may have a contact address for that kind of thing. Apparently you 
can ask Google to slow down the rate of spidering of your site, Yahoo may 
do the same. Also, (again, apparently), if you return 302 (IIRC, 'Not 
Modified') to a request the spiders will learn how often your site 
changes, and adjust accordingly. Is there any way to get PmWiki to return 
this to spiders and browsers as appropriate. It would make things faster 
for users, too. I know it's not a trivial problem, but perhaps when a 
page is saved it could work out a list of dependencies, and when a 
request is sent it checks the dates on all those pages, if they're all 
older than the time on the request, then it doesn't need to regenerate 
the page. I guess you'd also need a flag to say that if this page, or any 
of the dependencies has dynamic markup then the page is always sent 

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