[pmwiki-users] help - installation not working

Josh Lawrence hardbop200 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 16:15:03 CST 2006

Hello all,

My name is Josh, and I am brand new to this list.  I'm sorry to post
in haste, but I am under the gun to get this wiki up and running, and
I'm having a problem.  I've read the install instructions multiple
times, and I'm still having problems.

My site is laid out like this:

/index.php (points to wordpress)
/wiki (this is where pmwiki lives)
/wiki/index.php (points to pmwiki.php per the install instructions)

In going through the install instructions, I can go to my wiki home
page (http://www.hardbop200.com/wiki) and get the main page to come
up, but clicking on anything tries to take me to folders labeled /Site
and whatnot that I've never created.  Since those don't exist, it
takes me back to the root of my website.  I can't find anything in the
instructions about creating a /Site or /pmwiki folder of any sort. 
What am I doing wrong?  I am running pmwiki on a godaddy hosting
server, and installing/uploading via ftp.  I do not have shell or root

Just to be clear, I do NOT want pmwiki to be in the root of the site,
JUST in the root of the folder /wiki.  My URL address should go to my
wordpress installation as normal.  The only way to get to the wiki
should be to enter www.hardbop200.com/wiki.

Incidentally, I've added appropriate authuser information per the wiki
in my config.php, and it totally ignores it - no prompting for
username/pass at all.  I want the entire /wiki folder to be protected.
 Other variables, such as my site name, are working fine so far as I
can tell.

Thank you very much for your help.


Josh Lawrence

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