[pmwiki-users] New site up and running...

The Editor editor at fast.st
Thu Mar 16 16:04:05 CST 2006

Well, hold my breath and hope I haven't missed some little tweak that
needs adjustment.  If anyone wants to take a look you are welcome to. 
Just login as "Monkey" with password "fast".  A subtle hint to not
monkey around too much :)


The site has the new AuthUser authentication system, I hope to post as
a new recipe soon, allowing members to create their own accounts, with
an improvise, ameteurish approach to collecting members emails. It
also allows members to change their passwords, and admins have full
web-based password/account control.  (Feel free to create an account
if you want.  I won't add you to my newsletter if you come by before

You can also checkout how I set up the Member Offices. Create a new
account and you have an instant office ready to go.

You can also check out my Action Teams (what I've been referring to as
clubs). In my admin area I can create a new team in about 20 seconds.
(Well, maybe 2 minutes depending on my dial up speed)  Yes, I'm on
dial-up. What do you expect in a cave?

I have a bunch of other features I hope to add in the months to
come--but I wanted to get at least this much up right away. Next week
I'll start alerting our existing members of the switchover, so you get
the first sneak peak.

I am really thrilled with PmWiki.  I was using Drupal before and it
was so complicated I finally paid someone $200 bucks to install all
the modules I wanted.  Forget about backing it up or moving to another
server, or whatever.  Right in the middle of the process I found
PmWiki and dropped Drupal like a hot potato--no regrets. Hey I don't
even mind the $200 bucks. PmWiki does much more than I could do with
Drupal, and it was a snap to figure out (with all the expert help of
this list). Plus, it opened my eyes to the possibilities of living,
growing wikis (think: field). A whole new way of thinking about the

To Pm and the rest, I'm extremely grateful.  Now to the rest of my sites.


PS.  Please be sure to point out any glitches or display problems you
see.  I wrote my own template and I seem to have some minor display
problems with IE.  What's new.

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