[pmwiki-users] 2 questions: NewPageBoxPlus and Forums

Philip Stitt phil at octopusmusic.com
Thu Mar 16 15:04:08 CST 2006

>  To make sure to get the right message on top of new forum topics I suggest
>  you edit forumstyled.php and comment out the code block at the top
>  lines 16 to 26, and add the following:

>  $DefaultPageTextFmt = '(:if !group *Forum :)(:include
>  $[{$SiteGroup}.PageNotFound]:)
>  (:if group *Forum :)Compose message, add author name, and click
>  post(:if:)';

>  This will change the message for all groups ending with Forum, but
>  give the standard PageNotFound message to any others. So you can have
>  groups like ChessForum, TennisForum etc. Just make sure that each new
>  forum is in a group ending with the word Forum.

Thanks, Hans. About the Forum problem - I've tried the solution you
mentioned, and it didn't actually work for me. I still end up at "Page
Not Found" when trying to post a new thread. I also suddenly started
getting sent to "Page Not Found" when I used the New Page Form, so I
just took the forums out altogether. I have a lot of other scripts
running, so maybe it's conflicting with something else (?)

I've since decided that the Styled Comment Box (with some creative
arranging) serves my purposes just fine, so I'm not worried about it,
but I thought I'd let you know that fix didn't work, at least not for


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