[pmwiki-users] pmwiki-users Digest, Vol 9, Issue 109

The Editor editor at fast.st
Thu Mar 16 13:21:45 CST 2006

Yeah!  Someone in favor of the Barn idea!  :)

What I've been waiting for, to give an excuse to post my own recipe on
how to set up farms in  simple language for folks like myself.  It
really is easy to get a farm going (if you just want to add a few
extra fields).  I'll have to use the barn analogy to explain what is
going on...

I must confess though, I'm coming to see the light on using the word
wiki in place of fields however. Though, differentiating a field wiki
from the home wiki has its advantages.

I'm also thinking about about crop transplants.  For example, I have
about 5 pages in my main group I use to verify email and set up a user
account. Why couldn't I zip those 5 pages up, upload them to a recipe,
and explain how to transplant them to another field (oops, wiki) that
wants that feature?  I have a number of groups and pages already set
up to let members create their own offices with messaging, buddylists,
news, etc., linked to their profiles pages.  That could be another
crop, ready for transplant.  And I'm just putting the finishing
touches on my clubs crop (several groups and pages designed to help
members organize themselves into teams).  Why not zip them up for easy
planting elsewhere.

I don't see any recipes like that, but PmWiki seems able to
accommodate that, wouldn't it?  If someone else had uploaded some
ready made crops for me earlier, it would have saved me MANY sleepless
nights these last few weeks.  Of course, I had fun doing it myself... 
Any thoughts on crops?


P.S. I'm just about done with my first PmWiki site!  Should be ready
by the weekend for live action.

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