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Susan pmwiki at onebit.ca
Thu Mar 16 10:43:10 CST 2006

I haven't run this one through its paces yet, but it looks reasonable:


Why do you want to use the pmwiki 'print' function? I think you'd lose 
the links.


Andrew Camenisch wrote:
> Hi, is there a function or script available for printing out the content 
> of all pmwiki pages as static html files?
> I played with jjsCMS ( http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/JjsCMS/ ) but 
> have not been able to generate any pages with it, most certainly due to 
> user error on my part.  As someone relatively new to wikis and php, I am 
> hoping there is a simpler, push-button script available that simply:
> 1. churns through the pages stored in wikilib.d  (I only need the 
> formatted content)
> 2. uses pmwiki 'print' to print each page
> 3. saves the resulting html files to a given directory
> Is creating this function just a matter of piecing together existing 
> scripts?  Or is the task more complicated?
> The goal is similar to jjsCMS in that I want to use pmwiki to manage and 
> update the content of a static site, but I would be happy /manually/ 
> updating all the static pages in one go (ie. pressing a "print all 
> pages" button :) ) after a successful editing session, rather than 
> having the html pages generated automatically each time the 
> corresponding wiki page is accessed.
> Thanks!
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