[pmwiki-users] AuthUser vs UserAuth

The Editor editor at fast.st
Thu Mar 16 10:33:16 CST 2006

Tegan did a nice job emphasizing the advantages of AuthUser.  I can't
say I've done much with UserAuth, but I know AuthUser works great.

I also may have a solution for those who want a simple way for users
to create their own accounts with AuthUser.  I did a little revision
to the HtpasswdForm recipe, and now have a script that works
beautifully: allowing visitors to create their own accounts, members,
to change their password, and administrators to administer anything
created with passwords.

It has some limitations, and I'm looking forward to a better solution
from Pm, but it could work as a temporary solution. Let me know if
anyone is interested in looking at it.


PS. I'm wondering if I should post this as a new recipe, or a revision
to the existing one?

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