[pmwiki-users] problem with categories

akille.24444274 at bloglines.com akille.24444274 at bloglines.com
Wed Mar 15 23:38:23 CST 2006


I'm having trouble getting the categories to work. I've created about
five keywords with the category markup. You can see a page where I've added
keywords here: http://wiki.lib.utexas.edu/pmwiki.php/Main/BiographyAndGenealogyMasterIndex

If I click on one of the keywords, it sends me to its page (ex. Category/Biography),
but once I leave that page - it's gone! It doesn't show up in my pagelist
for all pages in the Category group or in my pagelist for all pages on the

This site is still running 2.0.13, but I thought the category markup
was supposed to work with 2.0 versions? I've listed my markup for my Category/Category
and Category/GroupFooter pages below.


!!! List of keywords:

(:pagelist group=Category list=normal:)



List of pages with this keyword:

(:pagelist link=Category.{$Name} list=normal:)

Am I supposed to add something to the config.php file to get this to work?
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Angela Kille

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