[pmwiki-users] Wiki farm confusion

The Editor editor at fast.st
Wed Mar 15 17:19:06 CST 2006

As for my barn idea--I hope no one thought I was joking about calling
the base the barn.  I think it is a good idea!  A farmer keeps his
main equipment in the barn, and that barn can be located in any field.
 The equipment in that barn can be used to cultivate multiple fields.
He can even put the barn in some secure area, separate from any field,
if he wishes. Or he can be a small time farmer with one field with one
barn (a simple install).

As I've read through the maze of posts, it's become quite obvious to
me we're using the word farm in multiple ways:  a farm install (the
approach), a farm field (a field), "the" farm field (the barn field),
the farm itself (the barn).  That's where the ambiguity is.  Using my
barn idea seems to make thngs very simple, clear, and intuitive--which
is what makes PmWiki so great.  It separates the code (the equipment
in the barn) from the data (the fields, where our wiki's are hopefully

Much like recipes (guides to make something) and cookbook (the place
to collect recipes)--the analogy works.  Not to mention it allows us
to largely keep our existing terminology, which is preferable to
switching to something completely new.

FWIW, I think Pm is right about not setting up PmWiki to separate the
code and the data by default.  I was absolutely thrilled I could just
copy one folder onto my directory, tweak a line or two, and see it
work.  Stunned, may be a better word.  Only later as I learned more
did I realize a farm approach would be useful in making it easy to
upgrade several fields simultaneously--as I maintain several sites.

Would appreciate any feedback on the barn / field idea.


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