[pmwiki-users] RFC: PITS 00701 -- WikiFarm confusion

Bellave Jayaram bellavejayaram at cox.net
Wed Mar 15 15:41:26 CST 2006

I think we also need to separate Documentation into more groups than
currently exist. Could we please move all Farm and Field related
documentation to a different Group? Sure it relates to PmWiki so it belongs
in the PmWiki group but I think there should be a separation between basic
and advanced usage of PmWiki. 

Most of the developer and administration documentation should be separated
from end user documentation. This is one of the frustrating things about the
present PmWiki site. The end user documentation should only contain the
basic concepts, simple tasks and references relating to authentication,
editing, groups, markups, searching, trails and publishing. I am willing to
bet that only about 10% (if that) of PmWiki users even care about Recipes
and how to configure things. Only if the question is still not answered with
that documentation would anyone need to refer to the numerous pages on
pmwiki.org that are only relevant to developers and admins.

Also, on the sidebar, I would like to see a PmWiki (Basic) and a PmWiki
(Advanced) menu and usage of the ExpandedMenus.

Just my 2 cents.


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DaveG schrieb:
> We'd need to change the installation procedure, to include definition of
> the location of the first wiki, but I don't think it even becomes more
> confusing for first time installers.

It wouldn't be a large problem, and it would be something that most 
other PHP software requires anyway.

OTOH PmWiki is particularly easy to install since code and data are 
*not* separated. This is one of the key reasons why PmWiki is often 
reported as "installs like a breeze".

So if PmWiki is really going down the "separate code and data" route, it 
would probably have a default install mode where everything is put into 
a single directory (just like today), plus a recipe how to set up "slave 
wikis" (the master-slave terminology is still widely used) that live off 
the master's code.
Plus maybe an additional recipe that tells web hosters how to move the 
master wiki's code directories to /srv/www/cgi-bin or whatever and set 
PmWiki up for their customers.

Just my 2c.


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