[pmwiki-users] XLPage, XLPageTemplate, etc. exact purpose?

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Wed Mar 15 07:53:31 CST 2006

On Wed, Mar 15, 2006 at 01:13:52PM +0100, Thomas Lederer wrote:
> i just don't seem to understand this fully. Maybe someone can
> help/explain this to me or point me to a page where this is documented
> (didn't find one).
> Assumptions:
> a) There is a XLPage for each language.


> b) The link at the bottom
> (XLPage?action=edit&xltmpl=PmWiki.XLPageTemplate) is for updating the
> XLPage to the new version. (like from 2.0 to 2.1)

Yes, that's what it was originally for but that particular link no
longer works (and I've now removed it from any pages it exists on).  
Even then, it only works on pmwiki.org.

And I've already updated all of the XLPages on pmwiki.org to 2.1.

> c) I can edit XLPage to add my own localized variables.

Yes, you can, but my recommendation is to add localized phrases
to a separate page, such as XLPageLocal, and load that as well
as the XLPage:

    XLPage('de', 'PmWikiDe.XLPageLocal');
    XLPage('de', 'PmWikiDe.XLPage');

The localized phrases from XLPageLocal will be used in preference
to the ones from XLPage.  This makes it easy to see what has been
changed from the i18n distribution, plus you don't have to be concerned
about future i18n updates overwriting your local phrases.

> Question:
> 1. Where does the link at the bottom of the XLPage get its info from
> (there is no PmWiki.XLPageTemplate page) ?

PmWiki.XLPageTemplate exists only one pmwiki.org, and it's primarily
a template for creating new XLPages and to help
figure out what needs to be added to existing XLPages.

> 2. If c) is not true, where should i put my own variables?

XLPageLocal or XLPage-Local sounds good.

> 3. Is there any way that the edited XLPage is stored in wikilib.d again
> rather than wiki.d?

Well, you can always manually copy it -- just copy the updated page from
wiki.d/ into wikilib.d/ .  But it'll get overwritten again if you
update the i18n.tgz file, which is why I suggest having a separate
XLPageLocal page.

Hope this helps,


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