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> On 3/13/06, Anno <anno at shroomery.org> wrote:
> >
> > > ...which would allow
> > > members to create their own accounts.  Is that available yet, and is
> > > there any documentation for it?
> > >...need to have my users create
> > > their own accounts, and then be notified by email. Htpasswd is fine
> > > for administration.
> > > Second is there a simple way to limit edit privilieges on a page in
> > > some group to when the user's $AuthId = $Name of page. (i.e., so
> > > people can only edit their own profile page for example).
> >
> >
> > You could accomplish this fairly easy by adding a forum to your site,
> > and let the forum authentication and groups handle the permissions for
> > the wiki.
> Do you mean a forum like phpBB?  That's available from our hosting provider
> at no extra charge, and it seems to me I've seen documentation on
> authentication somewhere on PmWiki that I suspected might be describing how
> forum authentication could be used for a PmWiki user-base, but the
> information fairly whistled as it sailed high over my head.  Is this a
> realistic, practical way to go?

Last August I put together a mySQL-based authentication model that
used a punBB user table to authenticate for PmWiki. I believe the
documentation is in the Cookbook.

Basically what I did was pull the records from the database, populate
the users array in AuthUser, and then allowed PmWiki to do its
authentication. The solution should have held up.

Ben Wilson
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