[pmwiki-users] Farms

Scott Connard connard at dsg-inc.com
Tue Mar 14 13:12:17 CST 2006


I have set up a pmwiki farm and did not have real problems, but I  
have a few comments.

1. While pmwiki IS very flexible and farms can be set up using many  
different directory structures and locations, I think it would be  
very useful to the new farm administrator to be given a very specific  
example layout.  As they learn more and work with farms more, they  
can adjust things to fit.  In my case, (on MacOSX) I took the normal  
install (localhost/~username/pmwiki) and turned it into a farm and  
just installed the fields next to it (localhost/~username/fieldn).   
I'm not saying that this is the scenario that should be described,  
but definitely something straightforward.

2. I just changed the sample-config.php file to be my farmconfig.php  
and really didn't have to do much extra for setting up the fields  
since my farm config was pretty much what I wanted for each field  
config.  NOTE that I DID have to change a few lines in the new  
farmconfig.php file to qualify the /script/ and /cookbook/ references  
(add $FarmD/ to the front of the path and change the single quotes to  
double quotes).  Again, this is a simple farm with very little  
special config for each field, but it gets the farm up and running  
very easily.

3. This scenario shares many, many things (cookbooks, configs,  
etc.).  It makes updating pmwiki very simple.

Simple farm instructions (with no options) would make the farm  
functional.  Advanced farming instructions could be a guide for  
people that have set up the simple farm and discover they have  
special requirements.


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