[pmwiki-users] basic consult

Sebastian Pipping webmaster at hartwork.org
Tue Mar 14 10:57:53 CST 2006

Juan Luis Medina Trujillo wrote:
> Hello, excuse the basic question, but Ive been trying to find the answer 
> and didnt manage.
> I want to make an ordered list starting from 30. I found the following 
> reference in MarkupMasterIndex:
> |# %item value=#% arbitrary start number
> which seems to solve my doubt, but Im not able to make it. Can you give 
> me an example (using 30 for instance) how to use this markup?

I tested

    # %item value=30% abc
    # %item% def

which gives

    30. abc
    31. def


> Another thing, where should I look for questions and answers written by 
> people before me, where maybe questions like mine are already stated? 
> This way I wouldnt have to send an email to the mail list.

Somebody elso should give a good answer here -
I don't see the full map/picture yet.


Sebastian Pipping

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