[pmwiki-users] Newpage with link

Francesco Carsana francescocarsana at ds4.it
Tue Mar 14 16:28:28 CST 2006

Hans wrote:
> Is each page in Serials exactly tied to one customer, or can have
> several Customers the same Serial page?
Each page in Serials exactly tied to one customers.
> If each page in Serials belong exactly to one Customer page, you could
> use the newpagebox for each customer using a slightly different
> template, to insert a customer ID tag into the Serial page.
> Then you can use a pagelist on the customer page searching the Serial
> group for the specific customer ID tag.
I use only one template for every customer. In this way, I should change the
template automatically every new insertion, modifying the tagID.
How can i do that?

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