[pmwiki-users] Newpage with link

Francesco Carsana francescocarsana at ds4.it
Tue Mar 14 15:49:44 CST 2006

Pico wrote: 
> I'm not sure if this is what you want, but if you add pagelist to your 
> source page, you could have an automatically generated list of links 
> that would include the new pages created with NewPageBox.
> If you put your source page in its own group, then limit pagelist to 
> that group to  keep your list of links limited to the related pages in 
> the group.

Now I explain my problem in detail.

I have 2 groups: Customers and Serials.
In Customers there is one page for every customer.
Every customer has some products, identificated by their serial.
The serial is unique for every product.
In Serial group there is one page for every product.
For example, 2 customers A and B, A buy 3 products (p1, p2, p3) and B 
buy 2 products (p4, p5):


In Customers.A and Customers.B, I use the NewPageBox to create a page 
"px" to be inserted in Serials group.
I need something that automatically create a link in Customers.A for 
Serials.p1, Serials.p2 and Serials.p3 and create a link in Customers.B
for Serials.p4 and Serials.p5. So if the customer B buy another product, 
with serial p6, i'd have a new link in Customers.B that points to 
The process of link creation should be done just after p6 creation (new 
product insertion cause new link creation).
The question is: How can I use to automatically put a link in Customers 
pages that joints every customer with its products in Serials?

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