[pmwiki-users] Some comments about (:logbook:) v 0.4

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Tue Mar 14 02:11:16 CST 2006

Daniel Friedmann schrieb:
> Hello Joachim
>  >> I tried
>  >> $LogbookDays = '(?:Mo|Di|Mi|Do|Fr|Sa|So)';
>> $LogbookDays = '(?:(?:Mo)|(?:Di)|(?:Mi)|(?:Do)|(?:Fr)|(?:Sa)|(?:So))';

I just was told that this proposed change shouldn't have any effect 
(another application misled me into believing that 'Mo|Di' is equivalent 
to 'M(?:o|D)i', which is simply incorrect for PHP, where it's equivalent 
to '(?:Mo)|(?:Di)' - sorry for the confusion).

>> (I haven't checked the syntax - those (?...) are supposed to be 
>> noncapturing parentheses.)
> With your proposal the day titles are removed. I copied my syntax from 
> $GroupPattern which obviously works different.

Now this I don't understand at all. It seems that Logbook uses something 
else than regular expressions. The Logbook page should contain a 
description of what should go into $LogbookDays and what shouldn't. 
(There's a slight syntactic difference between $LogbookDays and 
$LogbookMonths in the code snippets you posted - maybe that's the error?)

Sorry, can't help further.


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