[pmwiki-users] ExpandingMenus and SharedPages

Bellave Jayaram bellavejayaram at cox.net
Tue Mar 14 00:31:44 CST 2006

I would like to try having fields share pages that live in one field (there
may be some groups that have the same name in multiple fields). I would also
like to use Expanding Menus. I am not sure what will happen if these two are
used together and there are menus for a shared group as well as a similarly
named group in one of the fields. In other words a sidebar menu where the
group SharedGroup1 is really named "OurGroup" and so is Field1Group1 in the
example below:


*[[SharedGroup1/Item1]] (:if group SharedGroup1:)

**[[SharedGroup1/Item2]] (:if:)

*[[SharedGroup2/Item3]] (:if group SharedGroup2:)

**[[SharedGroup2/Item4]] (:if:)

*[[Field1Group1/Item5]] (:if group Field1Group1:)



Has anyone run into this issue? Is there any way such a menu can be
supported in Pmwiki? 


I guess one option I have is to rename SharedGroup1 as OurGroup_S. 




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