[pmwiki-users] The New AuthUser

The Editor editor at fast.st
Mon Mar 13 14:16:17 CST 2006

I thought I remember seeing a notice here that there would be some
revisions to the AuthUser script in the new release which would allow
members to create their own accounts.  Is that available yet, and is
there any documentation for it?

This is one of the last bridges I need to cross before I can finally
launch my site.  Haven't found a satisfactory solution yet. I like
AuthUser and want to stick with it, but need to have my users create
their own accounts, and then be notified by email. Htpasswd is fine
for administration.

Second is there a simple way to limit edit privilieges on a page in
some group to when the user's $AuthId = $Name of page. (i.e., so
people can only edit their own profile page for example).

Oh, and while I am asking, do I need both these lines in my config.php
file?  Somehow I ended up with both.

$AuthUser['htpasswd'] = '../local/.htpasswd';
$HtpasswdFile = '../local/.htpasswd';

Any help figuring these out would be greatly appreciated. I'm eager to
launch my new site.


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