[pmwiki-users] Howto: Discard/Delete all historys in all Pages ?

WvL apollo13 at freenet.de
Mon Mar 13 06:48:15 CST 2006

Hi [[pm]]list,

just before uploading my pmwiki-datafiles (i.e. wiki.d/*, wikilib.d/*) ...
- how do i "clean up" all their histories ?

I could not find any info ...
i searched for "history" and looked at the 
- Documentation index
- Cookbook index
- Pmwiki FAQ
- Pmwiki Questions page
(sorry if i did oversee an entry)

My Questions:
(1) Is there a "history clean up" command/scriplet/cookbook already available ?
(2) What is the proper method to retrieve info about a topic ?

Thanx in advance,

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