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H. Fox haganfox at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Mar 11 16:13:08 CST 2006

On 3/11/06, Hans <design at softflow.co.uk> wrote:
> PmWiki.DocumentationGuidelines looks good.
> In addition I would like guidance on some points about text layout:
> When do we use [@ ....  @] and when @@ ... @@ ?
>      (I usually use [@ ... @] for all markup documentation,
>       but have not given the other any thought)
> Shall blocks of code be indented with
> ->[@
> ..
> @]
> and sometimes
> -->[@
> rather than doing character indents like
>         [@ .....
>      (I prefer the first, also I have used the last up till now)

I've been doing this for a single line


and this for multiple lines

    more text

Side question: Is there a way to get monospaced text with normal word wrapping?

The Guidelines also say nothing about wide text.

Despite the fact that more than half (more like three quarters[1]) of
the world seems to be using a 1024x768 or smaller display, PmWiki is
oriented toward a larger display area.

I've been doing a lot of template testing lately and it's frustrating
that the default skin moves the edit form's buttons below the bottom
of the browser's viewport when the browser window is resized to

Jean Demartini remarked a couple of days ago that the LeanSkin doesn't
work especially well for wide content.  It's generally not a problem
for my sites that use the LeanSkin because the content is created with
that template in mind.

The PmWiki documentation, however is another story.  I've been going
through and narrowing some of the wide the content, but perhaps if a
guideline were added it would not be necessary, or less so, in the

Even the default skin is affected by this.  Size your browser down to
800x600 (yes, 20% still use this resolution) and view a page with a
very wide line in it.  Since the content area is a table cell, all of
the normal text will stretch out to the width of the longest long
line, rendering some pages very difficult to read in a small browser

While I'm at it, is there a way (say in skin.php) to limit the width
of (:markup:) blocks?  The default is just a bit too wide.  I'd like
to avoid this effect:


Note that the (new?) default width is also too wide to fit in the
viewport of an 800x600 browser window using the default skin.


[1] Browser stats links:

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