[pmwiki-users] Setting Skins for Individual Groups

Robin Sheat robin at kallisti.net.nz
Sat Mar 11 03:36:52 CST 2006

On Saturday 11 March 2006 22:18, Philip Stitt wrote:
> Anyway, here's what I'm trying to do: I'd like it so that an individual
> group, or an individual page, can have it's own unique skin. I'd prefer
Easy question :) Every group, and every page can have its own 
configuration file. For example, the group 'MyGroup' will gain some of 
its settings from 'MyGroup.php' if put in the directory with the config 
stuff. If, say, you set the contents of MyGroup.php to:
$WikiTitle = 'Title for MyGroup';
$Skin = 'the-skin-name-for-MyGroup';
$PageLogoUrl = 'http://www.example.com/pub/skins/a-different-pic.png';

Then those things would be different for that group, and that group only. 
If you want it on a page-by-page basis, name this config file:

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