[pmwiki-users] New Page Box, Mail Posts and Bundles

Bellave Jayaram bellavejayaram at cox.net
Sat Mar 11 00:48:16 CST 2006

Greatly appreciate any help to configure the latest and greatest Pmwiki (I
am eagerly awaiting 2.1.0) such that:


1.	SimplemachinesUserSystemIntegration is used
2.	The only way for a registered user to create a new page is via the
New Page Box 
3.	There are multiple "types" of New Pages (e.g. Feature, HowTo,
Reference etc.) (I think this could be done using the NewPageBoxPlus)
4.	Only the site admin can edit wiki pages 
5.	When a new page is created using the New Page Box, mail gets sent to
an email address 
6.	The new page gets put into a "Draft" group to be later moved to a
different group by the site admin


Would this qualify as a Bundle since it uses multiple Recipes? If so, how
does one name such a Bundle - I mean is there some kind of convention? If
there is a convention, what is it? I understand it could be difficult to
have a convention but could there be some kind of guideline? 


Since Bundles are purpose specific (and there is a Category called Bundles
for it), should there be a BundleCategory which is this "purpose"? So, for
e.g., on the Bundle4Blog page, we would have Category: Bundles and
BundleCategory: Blog. On the ListOfBundles page there are three sites
mentioned but it is not clear what BundleCategory they belong to.


Since there are enough recipes now, I think the next big push or demand will
be for Bundles. Having a BundleCategory would make it easier for people to
find Bundles that they are interested in by quickly checking to see if there
is one that may meet their needs.




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