[pmwiki-users] New Edit password Using read pasword ??

OBUTEX / Hladůvka admin at obutex.com
Fri Mar 10 09:27:06 CST 2006

Hi Patrick,

Patrick R. Michaud napsal(a):
> On Thu, Mar 09, 2006 at 06:27:41PM +0100, OBUTEX / Hladůvka wrote:
>> 1) PmWiki 2.1.beta37 changed my Site, Group ... attributes settings 
>> unintentionaly
>> to (I guess) unwanted values .
>> - New Edit password Using read pasword
>> - New  password for attr setting Using read pasword
>> 2) I erased  .htpasswd file and removed in local/config.php the user 
>> names
>> and left the users and encrypted passwords in Site/AuthUser.
>> I was not able to login at all .
>> After rollback and leaving only admin pwd in local/config.php it was OK.
>> But log in as another user failed (it didnot work before anyway)
> Okay, maybe we should start from scratch.  The admin password
> is working for you, which is good.
>  -  Do you have the following line near the top of your local/config.php
>     file?
>           include_once("$FarmD/scripts/authuser.php");
yes, there is
there is no farm there

>  -  When viewing the Site.AuthUser page, does it say that AuthUser is
>     enabled?
yes, it says

This site appears to have the authuser extensions enabled.

>   - How do you want things to be protected; i.e., what
>     access controls are you trying to set (and where?)
1] in local/config
# ------------------------------------------
   ## Define usernames and passwords.
$Authuser['Jiri'] = crypt('some pwd');
$Authuser['Kubela'] = crypt('other pwd');

2] in Site/AuthUser

Jiri:@admins, at allu, at topman $1$f8aYZrGl$P32TLP2Mr2SfCCfCX2Gi2/
Kubela:@dealcz, at mandc, at allu $1$g4IRzrpu$O4u8xEIw8mxYq2eypR6Jt.

and others

3] When I started the site, while there were pure system files I set the 
- read: id:@allu ... the group of all authorized correctly (logedin) users
- all other actions : id:Jiri, at admins

4] there are groups of - all authorized users @allu
- top managers (@topman)
- Slovak and Czech office staff of company OBUTEX (@obusk, @obucz)
- Slovak clients (@klisk), Czech clients (@klicz)
- Slovak and Czech sales person (dealers) managers @mands, @mandc
- Slovak and Czech sales persons (@dealsk, @dealcz)

defined in Site/Authuser
Managers, staff and sales persons are defined in Site/Authuser by their 

Clients  are  defined  with their  country prefix  and  clients  ID number.

For each  person and client his PmWiki group is created named in format 
Name.Name  (Sk0035.Sk0035 or Smith.Smith)
and Name.GroupAttributes

Name.GroupAttributes are set individually for read, the other attributes 
should be given by Site.GroupAttributes
The Name.GroupAttributes is generated for each new user in other 
application, which determines the specific
read permision. The format is
passwdread=id:Sk0138,Ruzicka, at topman, at obusk, at mands<LF>

what says that pages of client Sk0138 can be read by his sales 
representative Ruzicka, by top managers, staff of
slovak office and slovak dealers manager.

This file and other users files like Outstanding invoices, orders items 
etc. are generated and uploaded by FTP.

This I consider as very neat as it allows  create  one common  page  of  
pagelists  with  read id:@allu
and include it to everybody's homepage. The users can see only  list  
items  they are  allowed to read
by their membership defined in Site/AuthUser. When any new fmt for 
pagelist occures I need to change only
one page.

The membership is tested using (:if member ... ) only in Site/Sidebar to 
hide admin menu

That's it.

I sent this message including the admins pasword to your
pmichaud at pobox.com mailbox if you wish to test the site.

Thanks for your time,
Best regards,

OBUTEX s.r.o
Ing.Jiří Hladůvka
Zlatovská 22
911 01 Trenčín

tel.: +421 (0)32 6587000
mailto:admin at obutex.com


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