[pmwiki-users] Spam control

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Fri Mar 10 02:04:42 CST 2006

Carlos AB schrieb:
> * Spammers to respect and *maybe* contribute with the site. (most 
> vandalism *I*  have seen is not made by robots)

That's a rare thing to see in general.
The wiki's I'm administering have been thankfully ignored by spammers 
yet, but one of the blogs is regularly spammed by robots.

> My idea was to use a small space in the front page to display the spam 
> included in a page called (let's say) Main.Spam and a recipe to display 
> a number of entries inside that page .

Downside: more text to render, slower page rendering, slower page 

> How many of the site admins  in this list feel about this idea?

I have been following a different line of thought.

One of the blogs I'm administering is a WordPress one. WordPress has a 
plugin named "Spam Karma 2" (SK2). It would be a good idea to take that 
plugin and reuse it for PmWiki.

Highlights of SK2 are:
* It's been very reliable for me so far.
* It will regularly mail a summary report of spam caught.
* Each spam is accompagnied with a link to reclassify it as ham.
* It gives a rating, explaining why it thinks something is spam or not.
* It looks just at the text and a few configuration options.
   The interface to the rest of the system should be rather narrow,
   so it should be easy to isolate.
   (Exception: SK2 integrates with the management screens of WordPress.
   I.e. the configuration may have to be redone - not a taxing task,
   but still some work.)

I haven't found time to look into the technical details, and when I look 
at my current workload and backlog, I think it's unlikely that I ever will.
In other words, this is a project begging to be picked up by somebody :-)


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