[pmwiki-users] RFC: Expanding the PmWiki.FAQ

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Thu Mar 9 11:55:16 CST 2006

Currently the PmWiki.FAQ page has a lot of useful questions
and answers (I think credit goes to Hagan Fox for keeping
this page as sane and useful as it is).

However, it occurs to me that for some questions it would make
more sense for the question and answer to appear on the specific
page that describes it.  For example, frequently asked questions
about WikiFarms might be better placed on the WikiFarms page itself
rather than the FAQ page.

I'm also concerned that eventually the FAQ page will get too large
and unmanagable on its own, so we need to separate things up

Would it make sense to have "faq" sections at the bottoms of
documentation pages, below the trail markers, where people can
leave questions and answers can be placed?  This might be more
helpful and easier to maintain than trying to have separate FAQ
pages, and it's more immediately available.

We could generate a "master FAQ list" page by doing 
something like:

    (:pagelist group=PmWiki "[[#faq]]" fmt=#includefaq:)

This would display a combined list of all of the [[#faq]]
sections from pages in the PmWiki group, formatted in some
useful fashion (with references to the original page for each).



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