[pmwiki-users] wildcards in conditional markup

Hans design at softflow.co.uk
Thu Mar 9 03:49:07 CST 2006

Am I correct in thinking that I can use wildcards for markup like
(:if group Forum* :) but not like (:if group *Forum :) ?

To change the page not found message for new forum topics in multiple
forums (groups) I can use

$DefaultPageTextFmt = '(:if !group Forum* :)(:include $[{$SiteGroup}.PageNotFound]:)
    (:if group Forum* :)Compose message, add author name, and click post !!!(:if:)';

which will deliver the right message to any ne wpage in groups
beginning with Forum, like Forum-Chess, Forum-Tennis etc.

How can I do it for groups called ChessForum, TennisForum etc?
And is the above code resulting in slower performance than using a
conditional statement in php (which I don't have at the moment)?

Thanks for any help on this!

Best regards,

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