[pmwiki-users] Bold markup doesn't work in tables or blocks anymore

Jean DEMARTINI jean.d.demartini at wanadoo.fr
Thu Mar 9 02:28:52 CST 2006

Daniel Friedmann a écrit :
> Hello Jean
>>> I noticed that several formats are no longer applied, e.g. bold markup 
>>> doesn't work in tables or blocks anymore.
> I was very surprised when I opened Opera and browsed through my wiki. 
> All bold text was actually bold! This means that my Firefox (last 1.6 
> nightly of 24 February (before it was labeled Firefox 3alpha) with 
> various extensions) has some problems with either PmWiki or even more 
> general with some HTML tags.
> Writing this it comes into my mind that some other websites have also 
> changed and their headings are no longer bold but look like normal text. 
> So I think I should go on to the Mozillazine forums and ask for help...
>> I have noticed the same phenomenon and the only way to cure the strange 
>> behaviours I found is to insert a 'space' between adjacent markups such 
>> as in :
>> before : [+'''{+Vor+} der Installation von SpamPal'''+]
>> after : [+'''{+Vor+} der Installation von SpamPal''' +]
>> I have directly modified the link which was provided.
> Thanks for your help. The brackets are now gone and it looks like 
> expected, at least with Opera but still not in my Firefox. :-|
But, I have used Firefox ( to correct your page !

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