[pmwiki-users] Let me put it a different way...

Philip Stitt phil at octopusmusic.com
Wed Mar 8 19:22:09 CST 2006

I just asked a really long question, "Playing Windows Media Files". But
now that I've thought about it... what I'm really asking is simply
this: how can I create a command that will cause a pre-defined block of
content to appear in the page's output? For example, let's say I wanted
this block of content:

<div align="center">
      <td bgcolor="#FF0000">red</td>
      <td bgcolor="#FFFF00">yello</td>
      <td bgcolor="#00FF00">green</td>
      <td bgcolor="#0000FF">blue</td>

to appear in the page whenever I used this command:


Is there a simple way to do that in PmWiki? 

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