[pmwiki-users] Wikipublisher: wikibook-0.9.3c server released

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Wed Mar 8 17:56:28 CST 2006

The latest version of the PDF server can be downloaded from:

This adds support for the (:2column:) directive and the tidied :+ 
paragraph continuation markup. Existing users need only install 
the .xsl file, also available from the above page.

The new server now tells the SplashScreen what version it is 
running when generating a PDF, which should help debugging in 
future. This feature requires a full server upgrade, not just 
the xsl file.

There is a known problem with header and footer margins on 
US letter sized pages. We hope to have a fix shortly, as this 
used to work correctly...

Release notes are at:

This release complements the latest PublishPDF library; see

Any questions or comments welcome.

And a big thank you to Donald Gordon for his work on the
wikibook server while completing his MSc at the same time.
John Rankin

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