[pmwiki-users] PmWiki/ConditionalMarkup

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud at pobox.com
Wed Mar 8 14:56:35 CST 2006

On Wed, Mar 08, 2006 at 01:46:20PM -0700, H. Fox wrote:
> On 3/8/06, Hans <design at softflow.co.uk> wrote:
> > Wednesday, March 8, 2006, 4:52:11 PM, Dominique wrote:
> > > I've tried to update the conditional markup documentation (as
> > > http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/PmWiki/ConditionalMarkup-Draft) to reflect
> > > the latest enhancements. Comments and corrections are welcome.
> >
> > Could we avoid blocks of <pre> with long lines, as they won't easily
> > fit on most people's displays without horizontal scrolling?
> Why not use a definition list?
> This is yet another example where the "dlcol" style (as seen on
> pmwiki.org's Cookbook.Cookbook page) might be helpful to include in
> the core.

OTOH, I noticed yesterday that someone has edited the Cookbook.Cookbook 
page and changed the dl list into a bulleted list, so the dlcol style
isn't doing anything worthwhile at the moment.  :-(

(At the moment, the place to "fix" it is probably in 
Cookbook.Cookbook-ByCategory, rather than trying to fix it
in Cookbook.Cookbook itself.  Eventually I'll use -ByCategory for
the Cookbook page, or possibly use its output to re-generate a new
initial Cookbook.Cookbook page.)

> Also, indenting a block
>         like this, with leading spaces
> is skin-unfriendly and cut-and-paste unfriendly.  

I'm not sure that I understand why it's 'skin unfriendly'.  If
anything, skins should be able to support lines with leading
spaces (it's been defined in the markup since pmwiki-0.1.0 :-).

I've preferred the leading spaces because it's generally author friendly.

> -> [@
> like this, using indented block markup
> @]
> At one time I thought the second method was to become the preferred
> style for pmwiki.org, but I've noticed Pm, Hans, and many other
> frequent authors are using leading spaces these days.

I don't think we ever designated a preferred style.  I don't
have a strong preference -- I've just felt that the markup often
looks cleaner without always putting in the [@ ... @], and with
having the monospace text in the markup look close to what one
will see on output.


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