[pmwiki-users] Bold markup doesn't work in tables or blocks anymore

Daniel Friedmann list at linuxing.de
Wed Mar 8 10:28:28 CST 2006


Now that Pm has successfully helped me fixing my config so that I can 
use recent betas again, it's time to go on fixing some other problems. 
I'm using latest beta 36 and my local/config.php is "Pm-approved". ;-)

I noticed that several formats are no longer applied, e.g. bold markup 
doesn't work in tables or blocks anymore.

Page with non-working bold text in block:

Wiki source:
%block bgcolor=#ffffcc border='1px solid black' padding=5px% 
%red%[+'''Achtung: Unfertige Anleitung!'''+]\\
Diese Seite muss erst noch '''überarbeitet''' werden, bevor sie wirklich 
im Detail verwendet werden kann.

Page with non-working bold text in table:

Wiki source:
||align=center border=1 cellpadding=5 cellspacing=0 
|| [+'''{+Vor+} der Installation von SpamPal'''+] || 
[+'''%red%{+Nach+}%% der Installation von SpamPal'''+] ||
|| [+'''Beispiel 1'''+] ||||
||Eingehender POP3-Server: '''pop3.anbieter.de''' ||Eingehender 
POP3-Server: '''localhost''' ''oder'' '''''' ||
||POP3-Benutzername: '''benutzer at anbieter.de''' ||POP3-Benutzername: 
'''benutzer at anbieter.de%red%@%%pop3.anbieter.de''' ||
|| [+'''Beispiel 2'''+] ||||
||Eingehender POP3-Server: '''mail.anbieter.com''' ||Eingehender 
POP3-Server: '''localhost''' ''oder'' '''''' ||
||POP3-Benutzername: '''benutzername''' ||POP3-Benutzername: 
'''benutzername%red%@%%mail.anbieter.com''' ||
|| [+'''Beispiel 3'''+] ||||
||Eingehender POP3-Server: '''''' ||Eingehender POP3-Server: 
'''''' ''oder'' '''localhost''' ||
||POP3-Benutzername: '''benutzername''' ||POP3-Benutzername: 
'''benutzername%red%@%%''' ||

This table also has some strange characters "]" and "[" which I can't 
get rid of trying various markup. The first line of the table is printed 
Vor der Installation von SpamPal] [Nach der Installation von SpamPal

Please feel free to (try to) correct the markup either on the list or 
directly in my wiki. Thank you!


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