[pmwiki-users] Set a password for some actions | need help, please

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Wed Mar 8 10:12:59 CST 2006

> Is the ?action=search actually taking place from a page in the
> Group, or is it coming from the Site.Search page?  (Changing $HandleAuth
> in Group.php won't have any effect if Site.Search is the page being loaded.)

I do not properly understand your question?
There is no search field in the page.
All I do is just append a ?action=search to the url.
The difference is that, while ?action=edit, print, and others are
blocked, action=search is not.
Does this answers you question?

> > > Second question.
> > > I have a couple of pages, say Group.A and Group.B for which I need to
> > > block all the actions *but* ?action=pdf. In other words I would like
> > > to let the people see the pdf created on the fly, but not the regular
> > > pages.
> > > How do I accomplish this, please?
> >
> > Or maybe there is a solution the other way round: block everything
> > *but* one thing per page, be that ?action=pdf or ?action=browse ?
> How about...?
>    if ($action != 'pdf') $HandleAuth[$action] = 'admin';
> Basically this says that one can only do ?action=pdf on a page,
> everything else will require admin permissions.

I will try.
And report soon to you.


> Pm

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