[pmwiki-users] unable to upload

Tom Rue tomrue at gmail.com
Tue Mar 7 21:49:32 CST 2006

I can get to the upload form (
http://wiki.tomrue.net/pmwiki.php?action=upload), no problem.

When I try to upload a jpg, however, I get the file name followed by the
words "no file uploaded".

I've got $EnableDiag=1 set and
http://wiki.tomrue.net/pmwiki.php?action=phpinfo reports that file_uploads
are "on" both globally and locally.


On Tue, Mar 07, 2006 "Patrick R. Michaud" <pmichaud at pobox.com wrote:

Where does the upload not work?  Are you able to reach the upload form,
what file are you attempting to upload, are you getting an error message,

Can you set $EnableDiag=1; in the config.php for your site?


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