[pmwiki-users] Problems with setting up farms?

The Editor editor at fast.st
Tue Mar 7 18:48:00 CST 2006

Trying to take the next step and set up some farms (I have several
sites I want to switch over) but can only seem to get a blank screen. 
Any suggestions? Here's what I did.

1. Created a top-level folder called localhost/fastwiki

2. Created a folder inside this called system (for the farm), and a
sister folder called fastmissions (for my first field).

3. In the system folder I have
	/cookbook (and all my recipes)
	/local (with farmconfig.php in it)
		/skins... (don't use any external css or guiedit)

4. My farmconfig.php simply says:

	<?php if (!defined('PmWiki')) exit();
	      $FarmPubDirUrl = 'http://localhost/fastwiki/system/pub';

5. In my test folder I have
	/local (with config.php in it)

6. My index.php file says

	<?php include('localhost/fastwiki/system/pmwiki.php'); ?>

7. My config.php says:

	<?php if (!defined('PmWiki')) exit();

	$ScriptUrl = 'http://localhost/fastwiki/system/pmwiki.php';
	$PubDirUrl = 'http://localhost/fastwiki/fastmissions';

The idea was for me to be able to install a new field very easily just
by copying over a template and tweaking, but as I said, all I get now
is a blank screen. Help?


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