[pmwiki-users] Set a password for some actions | need help, please

kirpi at kirpi.it kirpi at kirpi.it
Tue Mar 7 18:28:20 CST 2006

I successfully set a password for a whole Group:

read: open to all
edit: password
attr: password

Then I extended the "lock" with these lines in my Group.php file:
    $HandleAuth['source'] ='edit';
    $HandleAuth['diff'] ='edit';
    $HandleAuth['print'] ='edit';
    $HandleAuth['search'] ='edit';

First problem: all the above actions now require a password *but*
Why? What's wrong? How do I fix this?

Second question.
I have a couple of pages, say Group.A and Group.B for which I need to
block all the actions *but* ?action=pdf. In other words I would like
to let the people see the pdf created on the fly, but not the regular
How do I accomplish this, please?


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