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John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Tue Mar 7 17:56:51 CST 2006

On Wednesday, 8 March 2006 11:00 AM, noskule at gmx.net wrote:
>hi list, hi john
>I did install the ne wikipublisher version and have some
>questions . .
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>* if I set: $VisibleAnchorLinks = *false*; still shows the
>anchors but without links, is it possible do disable the links

This works as follows:

(:toc:) just creates a toc

(:toc anchors=visible:) makes the anchors on the page visible

the configuration variable $VisibleAnchorLinks makes the anchor
either a link to the address or shows the address as a tool tip
title -- but only has any effect if anchors=visible is set in
the toc directive

so to hide the visible anchors, remove anchors=visible from the
toc directive

does that help? I'm not sure I understood the question correctly
>* there is a toc-back markup. Is it somehow possible to make automaticly 
>a link back to the toc beside every  heading?

off the top of my head, it would be possible to change the anchor toc
inserts in every heading so that this includes a link back to the toc;
I guess one would float it right...

on what basis would one do this: a site wide setting, another (:toc:)
parameter, another directive, or something else...

such an option could also create a potential conflict with the
change requested for toc-page below -- you could end up with a
back link but no toc to link back to

>* I cant get toc-page to work. I would like to put it in the right 
>sidebar . Is this somhow possiblewithout to put the pagetoc into the 
>target page. (See:

No. toc-page only works when the target page includes a toc directive,
because that's how it decides where to start generating the toc.

I might be able to change this, I think.
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>I did try do dissable the css formatting so i used
>$MarkupCss = false;
>$HTMLHeaderFmt['extend'] = "";
>MarkupCSS only disables if I edit the extensions.php and HTMLHeaderFmt 
>seams to have no effect. How do I disable it in the right way?
Wikipublisher sets $MarkupCss = true, as it assumes the external css
exists, which is installed as part of the wikipublisher library install.
For markup to work, it *must* have either an external css or the
$HTMLHeaderFmt['extend'] set.

The intent of the css option is that people can set their own
preferred layout options.

For now, your best bet is to edit the external css to change the
styles to be the way you want them. At some point, we'd need to
make the name of the external css file a variable, so people can 
have their own local version.

John Rankin

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