[pmwiki-users] Stand Alone Mode

Iain D. Brown iain at iainbrown.net
Tue Mar 7 13:35:35 CST 2006

> Currently, I'm trying to get my Wiki running in standalone mode
> on my jump drive.

I use two different standalone systems on my home PC: XAMPP (from
ApacheFriends, as mentioned on
http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/Standalone) and Joomla! Stand
Alone Server (JSAS, from http://jsas.joomlasolutions.com/).

At present I am using JSAS more frequently than XAMPP; although it
is meant to run the Joomla! CMS (which I also have to develop
for), I found I could create a directory in the http-root
directory, and run PmWiki successfully.

I haven't had any trouble using JSAS on my flash drive; in fact,
was using it to demonstrate PmWiki yesterday! One simply copies
the entire JSAS folder from wherever it was installed on your
system to the flash drive.

Best wishes,


Iain Brown
iain at iainbrown.net

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