[pmwiki-users] Bold text and indented text... its easy to make a mistake.

a.steenveld at id.umcn.nl a.steenveld at id.umcn.nl
Tue Mar 7 11:19:31 CST 2006

> From: Patrick R. Michaud [mailto:pmichaud at pobox.com]
> > Markup("'*", "inline", "/\\*(.+?)\\*/", "<b>$1</b>");    # '*bold*'
> Note that this will cause you some problems  -- many times we have
> asterisks on a line that aren't meant to indicate a bold term. For
> example, try some of these:

Is there some quick overview what is in use (and what not)? 
The 'Markup Master Index Page' is a good start, but it is static.

For the time being, I switched from *bold* to _bold_. As far as I can see
this should not create too many problems.

One of the reasons why I don't like the single quote (and a few more characters)
is that on windows machines you can configure your keyboard to capture some character 
combinations and combine them into one character. (Such as 'e -> é). 
I always end up entering too many (or too few) quotes.

-- Andre. Steenveld.

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