[pmwiki-users] Bold text and indented text... its easy to make a mistake.

a.steenveld at id.umcn.nl a.steenveld at id.umcn.nl
Tue Mar 7 10:56:15 CST 2006

> From: Patrick R. Michaud [mailto:pmichaud at pobox.com]
> Note that this will cause you some problems  -- many times we have
> asterisks on a line that aren't meant to indicate a bold term. For
> example, try some of these:
>    * This is a bullet item.
>    * But this *isn't* a bullet item (guess why!)
>    The formula   dist = sqrt( x * x + y * y )  is likely to 
> be an issue too.

I got the picture, then the idea of a quote is not so bad after al.

-- Andre Steenveld.

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