[pmwiki-users] Stand Alone Mode

Jean DEMARTINI jean.d.demartini at wanadoo.fr
Tue Mar 7 10:05:33 CST 2006

The Editor a écrit :
> Hi all.  I'm making great progress on my site, and I very much
> appreciate all the help from the group. Hope to return the favor to
> others when I am better able. Great software. Great support.
> Currently, I'm trying to get my Wiki running in standalone mode on my
> jump drive.  Downloaded the server software, extracted it inside my
> pmwiki directory in a directory called "server", ran the
> pmwikiserv.bat and was notified the server was started and ready for
> request.
> Step four, I typed http://localhost/wiki into my browser as instructed
> and then again http://localhost/wiki/pmwiki.php and both times got a
> "No input file specified."  Then I tried http://localhost/mywikifolder
> and http://localhost/pmwiki.php.  Both gave messages like the
> following:
> Unable to find /pmwiki.php on this server.HTTP/1.0 404
> Status: 404
> Content-Length: 42
> Any suggestions?  Would be great to have this traveling around, so I
> can continue editing both at home and at work. Thanks in advance.
> Caveman
I have experienced the same kind of troubles when trying to run pmwiki 
both on my personnal computer and on a server to do what you are trying 
to do.

Finally, I have prefered to install a true web server with Php on my PC.
Apache + Php are easy to install.
A first step could be to use EasyPhp. Its only drawback is that it 
installs MySql too which is useless in our context.


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