[pmwiki-users] RSS

Alan Perryman A.Perryman at student.manchester.ac.uk
Tue Mar 7 05:12:15 CST 2006

This is probably me being stupid :-\

How do I setup a wiki trail / RSS feed that monitors all recent changes
within one field of a wiki farm?

Unfortunatly the site is in a closed network, but I can post the addresses
to show what setup I'm working with:

- home page of the IS/IT field

example of page name.


I have an RSS feed setup for the Main.RecentChanges but this only monitors
the recent changes applicable to the main group.

The wiki is hosted on an IIS box which does have the Mod_Rewrite for
windows program installed, though it doesn't seem to work. I've probably
got the config wrong(!)



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