[pmwiki-users] Problems moving site online...

The Editor editor at fast.st
Mon Mar 6 18:54:11 CST 2006

Here's some more info on my problems uploading the files:

> Are you sure that the files indeed transferred across?
> Perhaps the files on your server have permission settings
> that are preventing you from overwriting them.

I looked at the dates in my ftp program, and it shows the problem
files with the correct dates.  I even opened one in a text editor and
it is the correct version.  But when I display the page, it has the
old information.  My members.sidebar for example has the wrong sidebar
on the side, but the correct one inside the page.

See http://www.fast.st/fastwiki-32/pmwiki.php?n=Members.Sidebar

> Also, have you tried doing what you originally did -- i.e.,
> copying the entire directory from  your home machine to
> the server?  (You normally shouldn't have to do things this
> way, but it might give us some clues as to what is happening.)

I thought it might be some kind of caching problem, but the file above
is in a brand new directory--a complete new install of PmWiki. 


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