[pmwiki-users] Cannot Set Password - HTTP authentication not supported ? Fix in Pmwiki v2 ?

Vincent Geroudet vincent.geroudet at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 18:30:06 CST 2006

Hello Pmwiki-users,

I installed recently Pmwiki on my new FAI website ( see
http://vgeroudet.club.fr/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Main.HomePage ).
Since the beginning, I never succeeded to access
(getting an "500 Internal Error") while I have no issue to access
I tought it was due to the fact that i did'nt set yet an admin password.

But today I start working on the *local/config.php* file to set some

Each time I tried to set an admin password, my Pmwiki became unreachable
(getting an "500 Internal Error").

I search in your pmwiki-users
and apparently, it look like my FAI site doesn't support HTTP
I found in one Archive the recommendation to include the "sessionauth.php"
script to allow a way to prompt for passwords via an HTML form, but this is
a Cookbook v1, and I installed the latest available version from your site,
eg v2.1 beta 32...

1. does my issue looks like a Web Hosting that does not support HTTP
authentication ?
2. what should I do to fix this ? is there an authentication method that
works in Pmwiki 2 that is compatible with my FAI ?

thanks for your answer.
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