[pmwiki-users] want opinions on a new cookbook recipe format

Chris Cox ccox at airmail.net
Mon Mar 6 16:13:57 CST 2006

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 06, 2006 at 03:23:52PM -0600, Chris Cox wrote:
>>Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
>>>I'm thinking it would be a good idea to evolve the formatting of
>>>cookbook recipes slightly, so that instead of the "Question / Answer"
>>>preamble at the top of the page, we have a section that reads more like:
>>>    Summary:  short description of the recipe
>>>    Status:
>>>    Prerequisites:
>>>    Maintainer:
>>>    Categories:
>>>    Votes:
>>(:cookbook summary='Blah Blah' version='1.0' ...
>>I like the idea of using markup... then the format is
>>more controlled.
> Well, placing them on separate lines *is* markup.
> (I think you meant to say you like the idea of using a (:directive:) :-).

Yep.. that is what I really meant.

> Almost anything we do with a (:cookbook ...:) markup we can likely
> do with the separate headings.  For example, I was quite pleased
> with what could be done in the ChessMarkup recipe, which doesn't
> require any special directives to be able to record the moves in a game.
> (http://www.pmwiki.org/wiki/Cookbook/ChessMarkup)
> And since I'm eventually hoping to extend this concept to allow
> field-based searching of pages, it's probably better to prototype
> the cookbook this way.  If we later decide a directive-based form
> is better, it'll be no problem for me to write a script that converts
> them all at once.

That's cool.. I was just thinking about enforcement, it's kinda
loose right now.  I mean you can pretty much format things however
you want right now... right?

With a directive (or possibly some other kind of technique) we
could give a commonness to the look and feel and if combined
with some class= (div or whatever) we could allow skin producers
to match things up a bit to their own look.

Just some ideas...

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