[pmwiki-users] selfgroup class & $GroupHeaderFmt

noskule noskule at gmx.net
Mon Mar 6 15:28:40 CST 2006

OBUTEX / Hladůvka schrieb:

> Why not to place the link
> [[{$Group}/{$Group}|+]]
> or just
> {$Group}
> to the Site.HorizontalNav
> This should work
> I use that trick in SideBar
> * [[{$Group}.RecentChanges|Changes in  "{$Group}"]]
> noskule napsal(a):
>> hm, I intend to use it for the orizontal navigation (see: 
>> http://pmwiki.netstreams.org  NetstreamsSkin, PmWiki). The idea is, 
>> that as long a user browses in the pmwiki group the link on the 
>> horizontal nav is highlightned and if he change to NetstreamsSkin 
>> group the  NetstreamsSkin link is hightlightnet . . ..
cause {$Group} points to the active group. So the link changes its 
target if the user change the group. But the  links shoul allways point 
to the same page of the same group but highlight if the user  navigates 
in its group . . .

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