[pmwiki-users] want opinions on a new cookbook recipe format

pmwiki at ben-amotz.com pmwiki at ben-amotz.com
Mon Mar 6 12:14:27 CST 2006

> I'm thinking it would be a good idea to evolve the formatting of
> cookbook recipes slightly, so that instead of the "Question / Answer"
> preamble at the top of the page, we have a section that reads more like:
>     Summary:  short description of the recipe
>     Status:
>     Prerequisites:
>     Maintainer:
>     Categories:
>     Votes:
> and then begin with the description of the recipe.
> Any comments?  If there's broad agreement, I'll adjust the default
> Cookbook.Template to the new format.
> Pm
I like the additional information, but am concerned about the proposal
that this be "instead of the 'Question / Answer preamble.'"  I think
the Question and Answer format is very helpful and should be maintained
because it introduces the recipie in practical and tangible terms of a
problem and a solution.  While some of us do not need that, it can make
all the difference in the world to others.  In any event, the exercise
of restating a recipe in practical terms of a question and answer can
help focus the author on the intended audience and the bigger picture
(rule 3, for example).

That said, I think the additional information will also be very helpful.
 As far as placement and format is concerned, you might consider
presenting the information with some consistent markup, such as the
current %prerequisite%

* %prerequisite%This recipe was last tested on [=PmWiki=]
* This recipe requires at least PmWiki version:2    
* This recipe, version......  was installed here the...(date)

After looking at your examples and seeing that the information presented
was pretty compact, I think it would work well in a right frame at the
very top of the page, which would still allow introductory text, such
as the Question and Answer, to begin at the top and wrap around the


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