[pmwiki-users] authuser and nopass

noskule noskule at gmx.net
Mon Mar 6 11:26:22 CST 2006

hi list
I try to setup userauth and have some trouble . . ..
Password protection works generaly in all groups but I cant get read 
access for "not logged in users"  on  specific pages in the Site Group. 
I protected the Site group with GroupAttributes passworts for admins 
only. After that I did try to unlock specific pages with entering nopass 
into the "set new read password". This seams not to work cause  the 
result is  4 * in the right field, what so far I understand means that a 
password is set.
Does anyone have a hint?
grz nos

How did I configure:

In config.php

    $DefaultPasswords['admin'] = '@admins';
    $DefaultPasswords['attr'] = '@admins';
    $DefaultPasswords['edit'] = '@admin, @editors';
    $DefaultPasswords['upload'] = '@admins, @editors';

In Site.AuthUser
    administrator: $1$3dQiVRH2$ldDpgTQ9828JYQqSCIV9U.
    noskule: $1$3dQiVRH2$ldDpgTQ9828JYQqSCIV9U.
    stefan: $1$TgYOvAAh$J8c6YxKB/WQiGHVxkaWei.

    @admins: administrator
    @editors: stefan, noskule


    Set new read password:  	 ****
    Set new edit password: 		@admins
    Set new attribute password: 	@admins
    Set new upload password: 	@admins


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