[pmwiki-users] Wordpress Import

Ian Barton lists at manor-farm.org
Mon Mar 6 10:56:03 CST 2006

As a medium term objective I want to move my personal diary, which is 
currently using WordPress, to PmWiki.

Before I rushed in like a bull in a china shop, I thought I would float 
a few ideas here to see what people think.

It's probably going to be a three stage process:

Export WordPress entries as a text file.  I was planning to use the MT 
export format, which is well documented and seems to do everything I 
need. Also it saves me from documenting my own format:)

Munge the exported file in something like jEdit to replace any WP markup 
with PMW markup. I onlu use a very limited subset of the markup, so this 
shouldn't be too difficult. Ultimately, this could be included in step 1 
with some sort of separate markup translation table.

Step 3 would be to create PMW text files with one file for each post. 
Then again would it be better to have one file per day, and agreggate 
multi posts per day onto this page.

What would the ideal format for page names be? Something like the PmCal 
YYYYMMDDDD, or something different.

Categories - WP lets you have nested categories, so my page could belong 
to personal, house, computer, etc. I don't really anticipate nesting > 3 
categories deep. I have been reading a little about Categories in PMW, 
as I don't use them myself yet, some pointers on how they are stored in 
pages would be appreciated.

Note I don't use Comments or trackbacks, so wouldn't plan on importing 


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