[pmwiki-users] Problems moving site online...

The Editor editor at fast.st
Mon Mar 6 10:07:05 CST 2006

The other day I uploaded my test site from my home computer
(XP/Apache) to my webserver by simply ftp'ing the whole pmwiki folder
with everything in it up to my server.  Then updated the config file
for the new location and it worked beautifully. Amazingly simple!

Since then I have continued editing, tweaking, adding pages, scripts,
etc., on my home machine. Last night I uploaded  all the new scripts
(recipes), updated the config file, and copied over the whole wiki.d
directory.  Everything seemed fine-- but then I gradually realized
only some of the changes stuck.  Especially sidebars here and there,
and many of the pages.  Evidently some of the pages refused to be
overwritten.  I tried overwriting the whole wikilib.d folder thinking
that might possibly help. No effect.

Is there something I have done wrong?

Also, is it possible to just upload certain pages from my home machine
to the webserver, such as say all the pages in some group I've just
been working on, and expect it to work right? Or perhaps all pages but
certain user created groups of pages to avoid overwriting their
contributions the site. Is there some kind of internal indexing system
that might be affected?


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